Grounds Maintenance

The main part of our business is maintaining private lawns and hedges, and more extensive gardens, parks and water features.

In many instances it makes really good economic sense for our customers to delegate “routine” regular grounds and garden maintenance work to us.  We own or have access to all the necessary equipment to do the job properly and time efficiently.  And of course if our machinery should go wrong, we fix it!  So saving our customers money, time and hassle.

We are happy also to do one off clearance work in the garden, organise things and generally tidy up.  Like a great big home or office “spring clean”, of which another advantage is that we take all the rubbish away with us.

Longer term maintenance projects can include a lot more than just keeping things tidy.  Gardens often need small adjustments, as their owners’ needs evolve, and horticultural “fashions” change too.  Sometimes you’ll get bored with your garden and just want a change.  And of course plants and trees will keep on growing!  If they grow too big for their space, they can be moved to another within the same grounds, so transforming their impact and allowing them to grow on strong and healthy.  And meanwhile something smaller can take their original place and create a completely new “look”.

One of the big advantages of hiring us for your grounds maintenance is that because we know our plants inside out, we’ll automatically make suggestions as we see them.  If you like our ideas, we’ll simply make them happen as we work.