Soft Landscaping

Soft landscaping normally involves coming in to a plot where the hard landscaping – drives, paths, patios, decking – has already been done.  Hard landscaping normally involves a lot of trampling about and machinery too, which messes up the adjacent areas.  Once that’s done though we can create new borders and beds to suit the new layout, and design or adapt the planting to transform the garden into a place of beauty!

The creative part of horticulture is our real love, because that’s where the plants come in.  Guided by soil type, drainage, position and your budget, we will be happy to suggest a planting scheme to make the most of all  factors which creates the maximum wow factor.  And once the plan is agreed with you, we’ll set to work to achieve it.

We should add that whilst we do not hold formal garden design qualifications and would by no means describe ourselves as garden designers, we do nevertheless have a flair and a feel for which plants will both thrive most happily and display to best effect in different types of location and soil.

We are then qualified and happy to choose and source the best quality seeds, seedlings and plants, to carry out the planting work, and to carry on tending the growth and maintenance of the plants themselves as required.