Weed Control

The control of weeds – basically, unwanted growth in your garden or grounds! – is the core job of all gardeners. Left untended, all plants grow rapidly as we all know, especially those not intended to be there! And “weeds” quickly get in the way of the plants we want to nurture. So arguably the most vital part of our job as horticultural service providers is weed control , and whether for grounds maintenance or soft landscaping it’s vital we understand the various weeds and how to remove and subsequently limit the re-growth of each.

We provide the following weed control services, on both a routine and an ad hoc basis:

  • Standard weed treatment on hard standing, soft and gravel surfaces
  • Selective weeding for control of broadleaf weeds in grass
  • Disease management in turf, plants and trees
  • Grass growth control, holding back grass growth where not required
  • Aquatic weed control – the treatment of marginal, submerged and floating weeds
  • Moss & algae control in fine turf and on hard standing surfaces
  • Treatment of Ivy, Mare’s Tail, Ragwort and other really persistent and tricky “weeds”

(Just to reassure you, we do hold the relevant FEPA certification for spraying pesticides.)